HERALBONY transforms the artworks of artists with intellectual disabilities into fashion and interior products, enriching people's lifestyles. 

The art, born from a strong identity, creates new values in society.



HERALBONY is an art lifestyle brand that collaborates with artists with disabitlities in Japan and abroad, aiming to create a new culture.

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We incorporate art created by artists with intellectual disabilities into fashion products, proposing the option of adorning oneself with art.


By paying utmost respect to the artists and carefully selecting materials and manufacturing procedures, we propose high-quality products that best showcase the charm of their works to society.

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In collaboration with Yamaha Motor, we have introduced art spoke covers for wheelchairs. Responding to wheelchair users' desires to express themselves and cherish their individuality, we have proposed the option of beautifying wheelchairs, an integral part of their mobility, with art.


Artworks by artists with intellectual disabilities are transformed into interior products, adding color to homes, hotels, and offices.


Artworks by artists with intellectual disabilities are turned into interior goods and sold in pop-up and online stores. These are art interior goods that allow you to recreate the world of HERALBONY at home.

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Opened in the autumn of 2022, "MAZARIUM" is a hotel themed around blending (Mazaru) and birthing (Umu). HERALBONY produces the interior design of the hotel rooms. A portion of the room charges is paid to the artists, aiming for a sustainable cycle of social value.

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We operate pop-up stores across Japan, centered in Tokyo, based out of our regular store and gallery in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture.


HERALBONY has a regular store in "Kawatoku," the only historic department store in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. We also open temporary stores in commercial facilities nationwide.

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Opened in April 2021 in Iwate Prefecture, "HERALBONY GALLERY" focuses on individual artists, regularly hosting exhibitions and sales of original artworks. Through the filter of "art," we foster respect for the artists and dispel the negative image of "disability."

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