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"Radiate Your Color"


The term "intellectual disabilities" can refer to a multitude of unique qualities.

To some it could mean rich sensitiveness to others their skillful hands, bold creativity, or extreme concentration.
Being “different” only opens countless doors to endless possibilities.

We aspire to overcome prejudgments and so-called common sense that divide the worlds around us and will continue to showcase these radiant talents in every way possible.
We aim to introduce a whole new culture to the world, using welfare as our strong foothold.








Fumito Matsuda


After working in a general contractor company on the reconstruction of disaster-affected areas, Fumito established HERALBONY with his twin, Takaya Matsuda. They named the company after a mysterious word, 'HERALBONY,' which their older brother, Shota, had written during his elementary school years, aiming to innovate in the welfare sector. He oversees the sales operations of HERALBONY and resides in Iwate. He is the twin's older brother and a recipient of the 'Forbes 30 UNDER 30 JAPAN' award, recognizing influential individuals under 30 who are changing the world.


Takaya Matsuda


After working as a planner at the planning company ORANGE AND PARTNERS CO., LTD., led by Kundo Koyama, Takaya became independent and established HERALBONY with his twin, Fumito Matsuda. They named the company after the mysterious word 'HERALBONY,' written by their older brother, Shota, during his elementary school years. With the mission 'Radiate Your Color,' they challenge the conventional boundaries in the welfare sector. He oversees the creative aspects of HERALBONY and resides in Tokyo. He is the twin's younger brother and also a recipient of the 'Forbes 30 UNDER 30 JAPAN' award.


Marie Oshioka

Marie Oshioka, COO: Marie joined the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2009 while she passed the bar exam the same year. During her tenure, she worked on legal affirs such as amendments to the civil law. After acquiring MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, she was involved in business strategy at McKinsey & Company. Marie also worked for a fintech company, Money Forward Inc., as the Head of IR. In 2023, being attracted by the mission "Radiate Your Color," she joined HERALBONY Co., Ltd.

External Director

Miwa Seki

Miwa is a former Japanese growth equity portfolio manager with Clay Finlay, and she previously worked in investment banking for Morgan Stanley. She has translated over 50 business/entrepreneurship publications, and is also an associate professor of Kyorin University. Miwa earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Keio University.

External Director

Kouzo Eguchi


Kozo Eguchi, External Director: Kouzo has extensive experience in taking companies public, including his role as CFO at Anicom Holdings, leading to its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2010 and the first section in 2014. As a co-founder of p-ban.com, he guided the company to a Mothers listing in 2017 and the first section in 2019. He also served as an auditor at Surara Net, contributing to its Mothers listing in 2017. In September 2020, he joined Kamakura Investment Management Co.,Ltd. launching the "Emergence of Buds Fund" to accelerate social transition.

Executive Advisor

Akihiko Nagata

Akihiko graduated from Keio University (Faculty of Business and Administration) and joined an independent private equity fund. In 2008, he became a director at Euglena Co., Ltd.,three years after its founding, responsible for financial strategy and IPO preparations, leading to its IPO in 2012. Post-IPO, he took on roles in management strategy, financial strategy, M&A, and as a business head in healthcare and energy. He served as the CEO until 2023, overseeing all business operations. In 2015, he established Japan's largest deep-tech-focused fund, the Real Tech Fund, and continues to oversee its operations as its representative. He joined HERALBONY as an executive advisor in July 2023.

Art Producer

Kasama Kentaro


CEO of Arts & Brands Inc. and Business Design Advisor for Forbes JAPAN. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo, he joined DENTSU INC., where he started his career in Marketing and Account Division before consistently being part of Planning Sections from 2001. As an integrated planner and creative director, he handled a wide range of clients' projects in various industries, covering everything from strategy to output in corporate and brand marketing and branding. In 2021, he became independent and since then has been engaged in consulting and planning of branding and strategic PR for clients. He also develops cross-disciplinary activities themed around connecting art and business with various partners. In November 2021, he joined Heralbony, influenced by the enthusiastic invitation of Takaya Matsuda (Co-CEO of Heralbony). As one of the advisors, he leverages his experience and network, mainly supporting the account department.

Planning Advisor

Kurosawa Hiromi


After graduating from Boston University in Massachusetts, USA, Hiromi worked at the Mito Art Museum (Ibaraki, Japan) and the Sogetsu Art Museum (Tokyo, Japan) before joining the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art’s construction preparation room in 2003. She was involved in planning and setting up architecture and commissioned works. Since the museum’s opening in 2004, she has curated numerous exhibitions, introducing contemporary artists and their works both domestically and internationally. She also selects museum collections and plans educational outreach programs for a wide range of ages. She served as the general curator for City Net Asia (Seoul, Korea) in 2011, OpenArt (Örebro, Sweden) in 2017, and East Asia Cultural City (Kanazawa, Japan) in 2018.

Executive Director

Reiko Seki (Kamata)


Spent the childhood in Japan, UK and in Los Angeles. Joined Mitsui Sumitomo Trust Bank after graduating university. Moved to Fidelity Investments after marriage and continued working as full-timer while having a first child. Having faced challenges of balancing work and raising a child in a financial industry, lead to join Harry Winston. During the 12-years at HW, handled a wide range of responsibilities, including HR, general affairs, legal, and store openings. Thereafter, worked at various luxury brands such as Cartier, VERTU, and DIOR, involved in store development and retail. By completing the mission of raising 3 children, joined HERALBONY with the desire to return the blessing back to society, utilizing the past experience and expertise.




Head Office Address

2-38 Kaiunbashi-Dori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan 020-0026, @HOMEDELUX Building 4F

Tokyo Office Address

2-7-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0004, TOKIWA Bridge 13F


30 million yen


MPower Partners Fund L.P. 
Kamakura Investment Trust Co., Ltd.
D2C&Co. Inc.
JR East Startup Co., Ltd.
Iwagin Jigyo Souzou Capital Co.,Ltd.
Social Innovation and Investment Foundation

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The story began in Iwate.


HERALBONY all started with our beloved brother.

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